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Tag: Safety

License Check FAQs

Licence check provides a great resource for Transport Managers and information for employees.  If you have any questions, check out their FAQs to see how they can help you.  TAS are proud to be a partner with Licence Check.  

Fleet Driver Training makes a difference

It is clear that one of the most dangerous job is one that involves driving - statistics show that in the UK 5 people are killed and 63 are injured every day on our roads, and driving all the time increases the chances being one of those unlucky ones. One way to minimise this risk is to invest in a...

Using your mobile whilst driving

Apparently 57% of drivers feel safe using their mobiles whilst driving, although feeling safe and being safe are very different things as 6% of fatal crashes can directly cite the use of a mobile whilst driving as the clause. Drivers are clearly unaware of just how distracting using a mobile can be. LicenceCheck's recent article shows some shocking statistic and details of...

New Road Safety Strategy needed

The latest release of the statistics on road deaths due to traffic accident sadly show little improvement and RoSPA is calling on the Government to develop a comprehensive Road Safety Strategy. Although there has been a small decrease from 2014 in both fatalities and serious injuries it appears that the difference is stagnating, as apposed to the significant decreases reported...