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Digidown Terminal

This universal solution means you can now upload data from any tachograph download tool and driver card and send this data automatically direct to your service analysis service, or wherever you choose, with...


Digidown MK2

The market leading convenient, and portable solution for downloading data directly from a Vehicles Digital Tachograph unit (VU). 


Digidown CR

The EU requirement to download data regularly from digital tachograph driver cards is well known. From the end of December 2010 the same applies for international journeys in AETR countries. For users who can...


Digidown Plus

Digital Tachographs are mandatory in vehicles registered in the EU after 1 May 2006, and will also be mandatory in vehicles registered in AETR countries after 31 December 2010. Data from digital tachograph vehicle...


Digidown Blue

The requirement to download data regularly from digital tachographs is well known. For users who can get back to base and store the downloaded data the Digidown and Digidown Plus units are ideal tools...