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Archive: 22/04/2016

Heavy Haulage

Volvo Group is hoping a fresh addition to its range of in-house truck and bus gearboxes will win it a greater share of Europe’s burgeoning heavy-haulage truck sector.  check out Transport News Brief for the latest info

Competion for 'Morning After' Driving launch

A new competition has been launched to remind drivers that they can still be over the legal limit for alcohol the morning after a night out.  The challenge is to calculate how much alcohol remains in their system and an app download is available to help work this out.  As part of the 'Morning After Campaign' it is hoped that...

Replacement of EDECS Service

The switch to realtime ADD driver licence checks has now happened and the old EDECS system is no longer in operation.  Licencecheck have full details of the changes, brought in by the DVLA in 2015.